Newsletter December 31, 2023

Newsletter December 31 , 2023 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT Hydrogen to the rescue? Canada has set ambitious targets to reduce GHG emissions. Increasing the use of electricity to displace current high-emission energy sources is the core of Canada’s approach and that of many other countries. Given our 80% emission-free electricity industry and its expansion […]

ECC President Jacob Irving interviewed on 360Energy podcast

Energy Council of Canada President and CEO, Jacob Irving, was interviewed on the podcast 360 on Energy and Carbon. The episode was part of an ongoing series of discussions about aspects of the energy transition. It was released this week on YouTube. Mr. Irving explained the nature and mission of the ECC and explained the […]

Newsletter September 30, 2023

Newsletter September 30, 2023 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT Canada’s place in a global energy market In 2019 the Energy Council of Canada launched the North American and International Outreach program (NAIO). We conceived it as a unique means for Canada to get the message out internationally about the strength and diversity of our energy […]

Newsletter June 30, 2023

Newsletter June 30, 2023 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT Workforce evolution I’ve never been comfortable with the idea that there is an energy “transition” underway. I think the term “evolution” is more accurate. Energy industries are responding to changing economics, technology, consumer preference, and government policy, as they always have. For example, the dominant suppliers […]


Guest Column | Rubrique spéciale – Michelle Branigan, Directrice générale, Ressources humaines, industrie électrique du Canada (RHIEC) | CEO, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) INVITATION À L’INTENTION DE L’INDUSTRIE – RHIEC LANCE UN NOUVEAU SONDAGE CONCERNANT L’INFORMATION SUR LE MARCHÉ DU TRAVAIL POUR LE SECTEUR DE L’ÉLECTRICITÉ : RÉPONDEZ À L’APPEL  Les stratégies commerciales, les […]

Newsletter April 24, 2023

Newsletter April 24, 2023 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT 2023 – Where to from here? The war in Ukraine initiated multiple trends in the global energy sector in 2022. Russia’s effort to counter western support for Ukraine by restricting energy supplies to Europe has not been as effective as feared. A mild winter and consuming […]

New Realities Drive Innovation: A discussion by Michelle Branigan, EHRC

It is accepted wisdom by C-suite leadership teams that the right talent must be in place at all organizational levels to meet operational, transformation and growth requirements. Our new reality includes Canada’s declining population, demonstrated by the lowest fertility rate in our nation’s history (1). This is a global trend that is generating intense competition […]

Newsletter December 14, 2022

Newsletter December 14, 2022 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT 2022 – A year of crises It would be a gross understatement to point out that today’s energy environment is different than two years, or even one year, ago. The numbers tell a tale as dramatic as the headlines. In late November 2021 the average price of […]

Edmonton net-zero hydrogen project to receive government financial support

The federal and Alberta governments recently made a financial commitment to a major hydrogen production facility in Edmonton. Air Products will build the largest net-zero hydrogen production operation in the world. The two governments will provide $461 million to the $1.6 billion project. Air Products has already found a buyer, Imperial Oil, for one-half of […]