Innovations in Energy Efficiency

CES 2020 - Innovations in Energy Efficiency

Energy Council of Canada members chose Innovations in Energy Efficiency as our  topic for Canada’s Energy Story 2020 because energy conservation and efficiency are values Canadians share.

Canada enjoys some of the lowest energy prices in the world. In fact, some international observers, when comparing the Canadian energy system to others, wonder what the practical incentives are for us to even tackle energy efficiency. The answer is simple. Canadians care. The stories in this year’s compendium give proof to this truth.

Canada’s energy system is diverse, competitive, responsive and progressive. It does not deny or hide from challenges but instead, attempts to treat them as opportunities. This is a common thread you will see throughout the different stories assembled in this publication. Do we try? Yes. Do we give up? Never. Are we making progress? Definitely.

Innovations in Energy Efficiency is a recognition and celebration of Canadian progress.

Our greatest request remains that you share these stories.


Electrification of Challenging to Abate Industrial Sectors
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Energy Efficiency and Canada’s Regulators: Two Perspectives
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Cenovus Energy’s Methane Emissions Reduction Program Takes Flight
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The Next Generation of Workers are the Future of Canadian Energy
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Making Hybrid Heating the Smart Choice*
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A Grid-Connected Energy Efficient Building Powered by Renewables
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NRSTOR and MPOWER Launch Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Rental Program in Toronto
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The NGIF/Effect Home Builders Energy Efficiency Project
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Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA):

Two New, Efficient Units St to Boost Clean Power Output at Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Station
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Siemens Energy:

Advancing Canada’s Decarbonization Efforts through Innovative Technology
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