Canada’s Energy Story

CES 2021 - What’s Working: North American and International Energy Cooperation

The 2021 edition of Canada’s Energy Story, What’s Working: North American and International Energy Cooperation, talks about how Canadian energy is advancing beyond our borders. We can count on the press to focus on areas of potential discord. Through this publication, we plan to flip the script and highlight examples of Canada’s international energy successes to help inspire continued achievement. Canadians have proven our ability to draw lessons from what isn’t working. At the same time, we need to take the opportunity to learn from what is working – hence the title of this edition.

The theme for Canada’s Energy Story this year, signals the Energy Council of Canada’s new direction. Through our innovative signature program, the North American & International Outreach (NAIO) initiative, we are working to bring the Canadian energy sector together to better connect with the rest of the world. Canada needs to attract global investment, secure existing markets, export to new ones and help build energy infrastructure in other countries. To do this, we must up our communications game with countries who are eager for Canadian energy solutions. We must also reach out to those who might not even know how much we can help. This publication is a step in that direction.

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