The Canadian Energy Compendium

Canada's Energy Story

Canada’s Energy Story is an Energy Council of Canada initiative which provides an opportunity for cross-sectoral collaboration on a current topic of shared interest. This compendium is produced annually with the support of our members and partners.  Each edition focuses on a different aspect of Canadian energy leadership.

Energy Council of Canada members and partners can contribute one story from their organization towards Canada’s Energy Story each year.

Canada’s Energy Story is a catalyst for growing our national cross-sectoral dialogue while leveraging stories of leadership and progress. It is a venue for our members to share challenges and collaborate on solutions. It is also an annual opportunity to highlight ongoing innovation and advancements within Canada’s energy industry.

Program Goals:

Any current member or partner of the Energy Council of Canada can participate in writing Canada’s Energy Story. Submissions must be accompanied by a completed submission form (internal administrative purposes only) and a high-quality jpeg file of the member’s logo, as well as that of any partners or communities involved in the story. The final article can be submitted in a .docx format. Once both the form and article have been submitted, the relevant information will be transferred to our document template. All organizations will receive a completed draft of their article as it will appear in Canada’s Energy Story for their comment and final edits prior to final publication. 

Email all questions regarding your participation in Canada’s Energy Story to the Energy Council of Canada