Indigenous Energy Across Canada

CES 2020 - Indigenous Energy Across Canada

Indigenous Energy Across Canada, seeks to highlight, celebrate, and encourage continued progress in the Canadian energy sector. The stories here, were written in concert with the indigenous communities referenced. They highlight the successes, challenges, and opportunities everyone must address together.

Over generations, Canada’s First Peoples have successfully demanded and secured a greater leadership role in the Canadian energy sector. In addition to terms like consultation process and impact agreement, you hear newer terms like benefits sharing and equity partnership used more regularly across the country. This type of progress is helping both Indigenous People and the Canadian energy sector to realize a more positive future.

These stories demonstrate the value of diversity in Canadian energy. This document highlights both the deep variety in our energy resources and the different people who develop them.

We hope you see a reflection of the collaboration between Indigenous Communities and the Canadian energy industry in these stories.


Economic Reconciliation is a Priority at Enbridge
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The Third Phase of Development in the Baie-James Region: Taking Partnerships, Environmental Measures and Sharing of Wealth to New Levels
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Diesel Reductions Create Long-Term Value in Arivat, Nunavut
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East Tank Farm Equity Arrangement
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TC Energy:

Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project Sets New Standard with Unprecedented Indigenous Support and Participation
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Indigenous Consultation and Engagement at Canada’s Energy and Utility Regulators
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Indigenous Participation is Important to the Canadian Wind Energy Industry, with Over 35 Communities Already Benefitting from Wind Projects
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Industry-Indigenous Relations: A Trend Toward Deeper Engagement
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Peter Sutherland Sr Generating Station Powers Northeast Ontario
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KPMG / Waabaag Group:

One Relationship at a Time: The Path to Project Success
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