Jacob Irving
President & Chief Executive Officer

A Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the Energy Council of Canada.  We have acted as a non-partisan and technology-neutral convener of Canadian energy interests since 1984.  This makes us a well-established national not-for-profit organization with strong roots and a proud history.

Canada is a young country but it is also an established, sophisticated and constantly evolving democracy.  We are an energy pioneer and continue to be an innovator and leader, all within the complex framework of self-rule.  Canadian energy is responsible because it is responsive.

We are not perfect.  Our shared acceptance of this reality is one of our greatest collective strengths.  It drives us to pursue constant improvement.  Canadian energy development and management must strike a supportable balance between economic, environmental, social and governance considerations.  We know this and we embrace it.  It guides everything we do.

The Canadian energy story is one of persistent, dynamic change.  We are involved and have a stake in every different kind of energy you can imagine.  And we do this with far fewer people and way more geography than many other countries, with whom we compete.  Also, it gets cold sometimes…

Diversity is our strength in terms of resources, technologies and especially, our people.  We hope you see that reflected in everything the Energy Council of Canada does.  We trust the information you find here is pertinent and helpful.  We also hope it inspires your interest and leads you toward our members and partners, all of whom are the real-life authors of Canada’s great energy story.


A Message from the Board Chair

The Energy Council of Canada does not exist without its members.  Meeting their needs and expectations animates the volunteers, consultants and staff who make this organization a success.  It is an honour and privilege to serve alongside such a varied Board of Directors, who help represent the diversity of Canada’s energy industry.

The Energy Council of Canada is one of those rare national organizations that can assemble diverse and sometimes competing, cross-sectoral interests under one umbrella.  Companies, associations, governments and other types of groups and individuals confer through our organization to promote overall Canadian energy prosperity and sustainability.  We can do this in part, because we do not lobby any Canadian governments, leaving this role instead to our members.

Our multi-industry neutrality makes us different.  We also make it our strength.  It positions the Energy Council of Canada particularly well to advocate the benefits of Canadian energy, at a very high-level, outside our borders.  The world needs more Canada.  When it comes to energy, this turn of phrase happens to be especially true.  This organization and its members are particularly well positioned to assist in making this aspiration a reality.  I am personally excited to work with all of you, to make it happen.

From our Young Energy Professionals Network to our Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award, we represent the collective youth, dynamism, experience and wisdom of our industry.  Our Board of Directors channels this boundless human energy and our members make us who we are.

Thank you for visiting the Energy Council of Canada.  In whatever way you can, please join us

Howard Shearer
Chair of The Board