Canada’s Energy Story: The Transformative Power of Hydrogen

Fueling the Future: The Transformative Power of Hydrogen

This year’s edition of Canada’s Energy Story offers a fresh look at a traditional product. Hydrogen is certainly not new to Canada. We are already the 10th largest producer in the world. It is a critical component in the manufacture of fertilizer, which sustains the country’s agricultural sector. But now hydrogen is being examined globally as a potential non-emitting fuel source that could be critical to decarbonizing economic activities that, for technical reasons, pose the most intractable challenges to transition.

Canada is well-positioned to take advantage of a hydrogen breakthrough. It can be produced across the country. Hydrogen is not a regional industry. In Canada’s Energy Story you will hear from policy makers, researchers, producers, and developers of hydrogen-using technologies. The document will give you an insight into what is happening in this area of the energy transition frontier.

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