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In a panel discussion at the recent Canada Gas and LNG conference held in Vancouver from 10th to 12th May, participants assessed how in 2013 a promising outlook for LNG in BC failed to materialize. The panellists were Jacob Irving (Energy Council of Canada), Kelly Ogle (Canadian Global Affairs Institute), and Christy Clark (former BC Premier). Ms. Clark reminded the delegates that in 2013 the province anticipated proposals for 18 LNG projects, of which she expected at the time that 5 would move forward. Only one, the LNG Canada proposal, has progressed, with construction now more than half completed. She attributed the lack of realization of those expectations to a change in the provincial government in 2017 and the ongoing lack of federal regulatory certainty and clarity. The latter is particularly important in a highly competitive international environment. In 2013, when the then-Premier spoke at the first Gas and LNG conference, she referred to the dangers of Europe and India relying on Russian gas and contrasted Canada’s approach to trade with that of Russia. That difference was highlighted by Mr. Irving who pointed out that, unlike Russia, Canada doesn’t threaten its customers.

SOURCE: BIV – Vancouver and BC business news – Gas and LNG conference panel