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Agreements have been signed in Ontario and Saskatchewan to investigate the viability of micro modular nuclear reactors. These installations are considerably smaller than conventional reactors and are designed to generate electricity suitable to meet the electricity needs of small remote communities or provide electricity and process heat to industry.

In Ontario, McMaster University (which is a leader in nuclear research) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) in the US and Global First Power (a partnership of USNC and Ontario Power Generation). The MOU participants will explore installing a micro reactor on the university campus or at an affiliated site.

In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Research Council has agreed to a partnership with Westinghouse Canada to develop the company’s very small modular reactor (vSMR). The facility would have the same potential applications as the Ontario model. Westinghouse’s reactor would be capable of generating 5 MW of electricity and over 13 MW of high temperature process heat.