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Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) has taken several steps to encourage qualified Ukrainian refugees to look for jobs in Canadian electricity and, thereby, contribute to reducing the labour shortage in the industry. An industry that is expected to face more complex demands as the economy electrifies and severe weather events test its resilience.

EHRC has created a distinct portal dedicated to newcomers to Canada for its online jobs board . This is not limited to Ukrainians, but it is expected to be heavily used by them because of the numbers of highly- qualified people fleeing the war. The organization has also put in place a program of wage subsidies to encourage companies to hire and train newly arrived job-seekers. EHRC has identified 42 industry organizations that have already committed to hiring Ukrainians.

Still to come is “Lifeline Ukraine”. It will be a suite of information services for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Canada. EHRC is developing the project in coordination with Ukrainian immigration and newcomer services. Lifeline Ukraine will inform new arrivals on health care, education, and community services, among other topics.

EHRC (a member of the Energy Council of Canada) is to be congratulated for taking this initiative. It will serve to strengthen the industry. It will also allow refugees from a violent and traumatic environment, which was thrust upon them only a few months ago, to integrate into the Canadian community, continue to use highly-developed skills, and restore a sense of personal and family self-reliance.