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Siemens Energy invited ECC President Jacob Irving and Arne Wohlschlegel, Managing Director at Siemens Energy Canada, to discuss the evolution of the energy sector in Canada in an episode of Siemens Energy Podcast Series. The challenge addressed in the conversation is what industry can do to accelerate the necessary changes.

Mr. Irving pointed out that Canada’s regulatory and business culture push energy sector firms to be aware of and responsive to stakeholders’ concerns. The result is a highly responsible business sector. He went on to remind listeners that Canada has important advantages in developing a cleaner energy sector. For example, Canada – unlike most countries in the world – has an electricity industry that comprises over 80% non-emitting sources. For many countries electricity generation remains the principal challenge to a clean energy transition. Moreover, Canada is a country that takes climate change seriously. The federal government has set ambitious emissions goals and instituted measures to ensure that there is a carbon price throughout the country.

At the same time, Canadians are in the forefront of developing new fuels, such as hydrogen, and new ways to reduce the climate impact of traditional fuels, such as carbon capture. The country’s resource riches, highly qualified work force, stable business culture, and legal framework make Canada an attractive place for international companies like Siemens Energy to bring their expertise and initiative to bear on the development of the energy sector.

SOURCE: Siemens Energy Podcast Series