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J.D. Power, the consumer and marketing analytics company, released a report on research the firm conducted about the appeal of electric vehicles (EVs) to Canadians (Canada Electric Vehicle Consideration Study). What it found was that overall Canadians were less interested in purchasing an EV than consumers in comparable countries. Only 46% of survey respondents said that they were very likely or somewhat likely to consider an EV for their next purchase. The comparable number in the US is 59%. Price appears to be an issue for many, despite government rebates. Range anxiety and concerns about battery performance during Canadian winters are also thought to be factors.

A more positive story emerges for the technology (and the prospects for widespread electrification of the economy) when the exposure to EVs is considered. For respondents who have no experience with an electric vehicle the percentage of those who would consider purchasing one is 15%. For those who have been as passenger in one, the proportion increases to 22%. And for people who have driven an electric vehicle, 42% would consider buying one.