Canadian Energy Sector Overview

Canadian Energy Sector Overview

Primary Energy Production by Source

Source: Natural Resources Canada, Energy and the Economy, Canadian Energy Production, 2020

International Trade of Energy

International trade of energy is a vital part of the Canadian economy. Canada traded energy with 158 countries in 2019. 



Source: Natural Resources Canada, Energy and the Economy, Trade, 2021

International Direct Investment in Canada and Abroad

Canadian Energy Assets

The total value of Canadian* energy assets (CEA) was $695 billion in 2020. The value decreased from 2019. Domestic CEA also declined year over year between 2019 and 2020, as did CEA abroad.

*A Canadian company is here defined as a publicly traded company headquartered in Canada and not foreign controlled. 

Research, Development and Demonstration in Canadian Energy

The strong upward trend in government expenditures on energy R&D was interrupted by a slight decline in 2019-20, but partially recovered in 2020-21. Federal spending maintained its earlier trajectory, as did provincial and territorial spending for the most part. 

The peak spending by provinces and territories on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) was followed by significant curtailment in the following years

Clean Energy Technology in Canada

The TSX and TSX-Venture exchanges list 94 companies in the cleantech sector, with a total market capitalization of $59.9 billion. This includes companies whose operations fall under:

Eighty-seven of those companies are headquartered in Canada.

Investment in Renewable Energy by Technology in Canada