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Natural Resources Canada recently announced the award of a $5 million grant to help establish an Energy Modelling Hub (EMH) to be led by researchers at University of Victoria, Polytechnique Montréal, and the University of Calgary. The project is under the direction of Madeleine McPherson, Assistant Professor in University of Victoria’s faculty of engineering and leader of the Sustainable Energy Systems Integration and Transitions (SESIT) Group.

Energy modelling uses real-world data to build computer representations of complex systems. It allows decision-makers to investigate “what if” questions when considering alternative actions. While modelling is currently conducted by researchers throughout Canada, that work is often unconnected. EMH’s objective is to better coordinate energy modelling and provide decision-makers a central, authoritative resource to test how effective proposed measures will be and what other consequences would be associated with each option.

SOURCE: University of Victoria – UVic professor to lead Energy Modelling Hub