Other Members

The Council maintains special membership categories for educational institutions, for individual members within member organizations, and for honorary members. For information on fees and eligibility, please contact the President.

Honorary Members

W. Chodzicki

E.P. Cockshutt

M. Costello

N.J. Cournoyea

P. Daniel

J. Donnelly

R. Drouin

C. Fischer

R.L. George

J. Grey

A. Haines

D. Hawthorne

J. Hollins

J. Lamarre

G.M. MacNabb

J. Muir

E.P. Newell

R. Priddle

W.N. Sande

O. Sigvaldason

C.G. Smallridge

C. Smith

S.G. Snyder

A. Stephens

M.J. Stewart

T. Vandal