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Energy | Executive summary

Energy Council of Canada

MEMBERSHIP—Executive Summary

The Energy Council brings its Members together to forge a better understanding of Canada’s energy opportunities and issues to optimally shape the energy sector for the benefit of all Canadians.

We do this by:

  • Encouraging and facilitating collaborative, nationwide dialogue to inform effective public policy.
  • Representing the energy industry and enhancing its reputation through public policy forums, various member activities, speaking engagements, media interactions.
  • Hosting the annual Canadian Energy Person of the Year Award.
  • Supporting energy policy research in partnership with several universities in Canada and the World Energy Council.

The Energy Council of Canada is a vehicle for strategic thinking, collaboration and action by energy executives in the private and public sectors who have an interest in advancing Canada’s energy future and resolving national, continental and global energy issues.

Key priorities

  • Advancing the energy dialogue in Canada through our annual Energy Summit, the World Energy Council North America Region Forum, several regional Energy Forums,  Breakfast Round Tables and other Member events.
  • Engaging key stakeholders (governments, media, NGO’s and the public) through speaking engagements and media interaction, listening to their perspectives, finding points of consensus, and providing the Energy Council of Canada’s insights on current energy issues and opportunities.
  • Facilitating informed public policy development through energy policy research.
  • Recognizing outstanding achievements in the energy industry through the annual ‘Energy Person of the Year’ award dinner.

Get Engaged

Members of the Energy Council of Canada are made up of representatives from all facets of Canada’s energy sector:

  • Energy producers
  • Energy users
  • Energy transmission & transportation
  • Engineering firms
  • Sectorial energy associations
  • Financial organizations
  • Human resource organizations
  • Legal firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Federal  |  provincial  |  territorial government departments

Members obtain benefits through:

  • Interacting with energy peers from different sectors to share common issues and opportunities.
  • Participating in studies with/accessing reports from the World Energy Council, and ECC-funded university research.
  • Advancing the dialogue and enhancing the reputation of Canada’s energy industry.
  • And, influencing Canadian and global energy policy.

Members can suggest topics of broad interest for study, and Members’ employees can participate in study and policy research sub committees. Some members also participate as Board members of the Energy Council of Canada.

Through their membership with the Energy Council of Canada, members support and shape Canada’s energy future in a meaningful way.

World Energy Council (WEC)

The Energy Council of Canada is a “Founding Member” and one of more than 90 country members of the World Energy Council, which was established in 1923.

As the UN-accredited global energy body, the World Energy Council produces a number of major reports including: the World Energy Resources Report;the World Energy Trilemma; the annual World Energy Issues Monitor; and the World Energy Scenarios. These in depth reports enable policymakers and leaders in the energy field to gain a better understanding of the developments likely to be shaping the energy transformation to 2050.

In addition, using the World Energy Council’s distinctive approach, the World Energy Council builds on the in-depth knowledge of its extensive member network through formal Study Groups to consider current issues such as Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems, Rules of Trade and Energy Efficiency Policies and Technologies.

Energy Council of Canada members have access to these reports and studies and can participate in a number of World Energy Council activities.

 Executive Summary


For more information contact us!

Graham Campbell   |   President
Tel: (613) 232-8239 ext 601
Fax: (613) 232-1079
E-Mail: graham.campbell@energy.ca

Brigitte Svarich   |   Director of Operations
Tel: (613) 232-8239 ext 602
Fax: (613) 232-1079
E-Mail: brigitte.svarich@energy.ca

Krystal Underhill   |   Coordinator, Events & Stakeholder Relations
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E-Mail: krystal.underhill@energy.ca